Are you prepared?

“Wake up, you aren’t dead at least not yet. That pain in your gut, that is the dying part. Now don’t look so sad, you won’t die all the way. We have big plans for you, so have a drink…”


A week ago, you were taken and made into one of the Kindred, a Vampire. You though the guy in the alley was crazy until you were forced to drink from his wrist. His(her) cabal, seems to have a specific purpose for you.

With your Brood-mates, you are too look into the disappearance of the other Kindred in the Chesapeake Bay area. Obviously, your sires have no interest in risking themselves so they send some expendable pawns. Thats you.

Claim the best territory you can, and find out why they vanished. Never-mind that the Vampires who lived here before you had been alive for centuries and you have been a Vampire less than week.

But, despite the risks, there is an opportunity here few will get, even if you are too new to realize it.


You play anything you wish out of the World of Darkness Core rulebook and Vampire: the Requiem Core rulebook. During the course of the game, options may expand, but that will be determined later.

Players may make any type of character that makes even vague sense. As long as you are happy with the result.

Rules changes: Any power/ability/rules exploit that gives you more than one action a round, does not. No exceptions.

I will handle Predator’s Taint a bit differently, mostly in the area of when and how often I call for the roll. Since its on my end, don’t worry about it.

Missing Host